confezioni italiane tessili

Shirt s. f. [lat. tardo camisia and camisa, unknow origin]

Garment in fabric, with neck and long or short sleeves, covering the upper part of the body. Documented since the end of the XIV century, in time it stood out as a luxury garment, often enriched by complementary decorations. Generally used fabrics are batiste and silk, the main colour is white, a real mark of distinction and high social class. Throughout the XX century, shirt is ubiquitous, for men and women as well, spreading out in different colours and fabrics as well.

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Cit S.p.a. (Confezioni Italiane Tessili) was throughout the XX century and at present as well a world market leader in design, patterns and shirt production for man and woman.

The company manufactures on behalf of third parties and it controls its own brands.

The direct and constant commitment of the Gavazzeni family three generations allowed Cit S.p.A. to reach and consolidate its international leadership based on a since recipe of three ingredients: quality, service and competitivity.

These are evergreen limitless concepts, allowing Cit S.p.A. to comply with million customer requirements for more than 70 years activity.

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CIT S.p.a. is directly present on the shirt world wide market with two brands: Bagutta and Cit Luxury 1939.

Bagutta founded in 1975 at the same time classic, modern and contemporary, perfectly mix tradition and updated relevance in its two man and woman lines. Quality fabrics, exclusive prints and unique creativity better identify the brand and the personality people wearing them.

CIT Luxury 1939, the historical company brand. A line specialised in man garments, making the rigorous classic shirt modern with exclusive models mixing tradition and trend.


CIT S.p.a. constantly studies how to offer new creations to customers all over the world, changing its proposals in commercial very high quality products.
The real know-how and soul of the company CIT S.p.A., thus becoming market leader world-wide in the shirt production on behalf of third parties .


To reach and confirm in time the best quality standard, CIT S.p.A. invests every day looking for the best matching between the essential added value of hand processing and the opportunities offered by production and logistic technological evolution.

Thanks to such a continuous improvement process, the company can manufacture more than one million shirt per year, paying the due tailoring attention to each brand and model.
Such a unique feature allows CIT S.p.A. to profit from a distinctive world-wide position.

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When classic refinement is perfectly matched with survey originality, excellence stands out.
For CIT S.p.A., research is an added value: the style office daily checks the consummation and looks for trends, as to anticipate the future of an evergreen style.


Masterpiece patterns are turned into artistic and elegant products.
Creativity and quality are perfectly combined in CIT S.p.a creation, style and design proposals perfectly matching class and new offers, the ideal review of the most classic garment: the shirt.


The maniac attention paid to details on any garments stands out in the CIT production.
For CIT S.p.A. many processes are carried out by hand, as to transmit the tailoring taste for making as well as unique impeccable style.


Lo smisurato know-how dell'azienda si mescola alla costante ricerca...

Grazie alle più avanzate tecnologie, CIT S.p.a. ha sviluppato l'esclusivo servizio 'su misura', per rispondere alle esigenze di personalizzazione, sperimentando la propria idea di stile, attingendo ad una ampissima gamma di colli e polsini, colori e tessuti, per raggiungere mix unici per stile e qualità.