The pulsing core of Cit Spa covers 45,000 square meters inside the industrial area in Arcore, where the production factory, the commercial offices and the style office are located.

In the prestigious via Tortona in Milan there is the prestigious showroom, 500 square meters, an open space designed by Asti Architecs Studios.

Cit Spa
Via Matteucci 19, 20043 Arcore (MI)

tel. +39 039 60681
fax. +39 039 6068501

Via Tortona 35, 20144 Milano (MI)

tel. +39 02 42290541
fax. +39 039 60681

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Information on the personal information processing - Information document in compliance and according to article 13, Law Decree June 30, 2003, n. 196.
According to Law Decree June 30, 2003, n. 196 (Privacy Code) and following changes, hereinafter annexed the demanded information on the supplied personal data processing. The information does not apply for web site to be consulted through links present on internet site, controlled by the domain owner, who is not liable at all for any third party internet site. The information complies with art. 13 of law decree n. 196/2003 - Code on the personal information protection. It is inspired by recommendation n. 2/2001 which the European authorities for the protection of the personal information, gathered in the Group set up by art. 29 of the directive 95/46/EC adopted on May 17, 2001, to identify some minimum requirements as for the collection of online personal information and more precisely modes, times and nature of information which the controller of the processing should supply to users when they connect to the web pages, independently from the connection goals, and according to what forecast by Directive 2002/58/EC updated by Directive 2009/136/EC on the Cookies.

in compliance with article 28 of the Code on the personal information protection, the controller of the processing is C.I.T. S.p.A. by its legal pro-tempore representative. The PERSON LIABLE FOR THE PROCESSING in compliance with article 29 of the Code on the personal information protection is Davide Deon by C.I.T. S.p.A.

Personal and identification information. Personal information, any information on the physical person, identified or possibly identifiable, indirectly as well, through reference to any other information, including the personal ID number; Identification information, personal information allowing to directly identify the person interested (such as for example name, surname, date of birth, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.). Information on navigation Information systems and software procedures suggested for the web site operation acquire, during their normal operation, some personal information whose transfer is implicit in the use of the Internet communication protocols. This is information is not collected to be associated to the people identified but it could, through processing and association with information from third parties, allow to identify the users. This information consists of IP addresses or computer domain names used by the users connecting to the web site, URI (Uniform, Resource Identifier) notation addressed of the demanded resources, the request time, the method use to enter the request to the server, the file size obtained as an answer, the digital code referring the the data response state to the server (accepted, error, etc.), and other parameters relating to the operating system and the user IT ambience Defense during a legal proceeding The User personal information can be used for the defense by the Controllers in a legal proceedings or in the initial steps to a legal proceedings, against any abuse on its use or services connected by the User. Such information can also be use to identify liabilities in case of possible information crimes to the detriment of the web site. Service. The User Personal information should be treated according to the addition modes and goals relating to service Data voluntarily supplied by the user. Any voluntary transmission, explicit or voluntary of e-mail to the addressed reported on the present web site and/or filling the data collection form implies the relating acquisition of the sender address, necessary to answer any request, as well as any other reported personal information. Specific information The specific information should be reported on the Web site as for specific services or data procesing supplied to the User or the person affected. Cookies Refer to the cookies policy at the following link

Personal and sensitive information voluntarily supplied are to be treated only for the following goals, unless refused: a) navigation on the present web site; possible content request sending the required information; registration to the internet site limited access area, administration-accounting activities in general; b) on early consent and until its opposition, transmission of the newsletter / information activities / promotion / trading / marketing, by e-mail through a registration to the dedicated mailing list as well.

The processing will be automated and/or manual, according to the modes and with the tools suitable to provide for the highest possible safety and confidentiality, by people liable for complying with what forecast by articles 31 and following of law decree 196/03. Data will be stored for a time period not longer than the goals which the data was collected for and later processed.

Your information, object of the processing, will not be spread out but could only be transmitted to companies connected to C.I.T. S.p.A. abroad inside the European Union, in compliance and within the limits imposed by art. 42 of Law Decree n. 196/2003. Your personal information could be transferred abroad to extra-EU countries within the framework and limits imposed by art. 43 and 44 let. b) of law decree. n. 196/2003, as to comply with the contracts or relating goals. The information could be transferred to third parties belonging to the following categories: - subjects offering services for the IT system management used by C.I.T. S.p.A. and IT networks (e-mail included); - consulting companies or offices; - competent authorities as for the fulfillment of legal obligations and/or provisions by public institutions, on request. Subjects belonging to the mentioned categories are to be considered people liable for the data processing, or they work independently as controllers of the processing. The list of these people is constantly updated and available by C.I.T. S.p.A. registered office. Any further communication or information spreading will only be possible on its own consent.

Apart what specified as for the navigation information, the user is free to supply any personal information. Data assignment is voluntary but required. Their missing assignment can affect the possibility to get what required or to profit from the services supplied by the owner of the processing.

You can assert your rights according to articles 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Law Decree dating back to June 30, 2003 n. 196, directly addressing the controller or the person liable for the processing calling the company registered office at the following telephone number 03960681, or sending any e-mail at the following address You are entitled at any time, to get the confirmation of the existence of any information and consent or origin, checking its correctness or update, or adjustment (article 7 of the Code for the personal information protection). According to the same article, you are entitled to ask for the removal, change into an anonymous form or for the block of any treated information violating the law, or for the opposition, for whatever reason, to its processing. Whenever getting in touch with the controller, supply your e-mail address, name, physical address and/or telephone numbers, as to better manage your request. 8. CHANGES TO THE PRIVACY INFORMATION DIRECTIVE
The controller reserves itself the right to change, update, supplement or remove any part of the present information on the privacy at its will any time. The affected person should periodically check any change. As to ease such a check, the information will specify the information update date. The web site use, after the publication of any changes, will represent its acceptance.

Our web pages and APPS could hold some social network plug-ins (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc...). If you access to one of our web pages with a similar plug-in, the internet browser is directly connected to the social network servers and the plug-in is displayed on the screen through the connection to the browser. If an interested user of a social network visit our web pages, while it is connected to its social account, its personal information could be associated to the social account. In case the plug-in functions are used, the information will be associated to such a social account. More information on the data collection and use by the social networks in general as well as on the right an modes available to protect the affected privacy within a similar framework, is present on the account social network page, on the data protection. If the person interested is willing to combine a visit to our web pages to the its own social account, it should log-off from the social network before visiting any page.
Details on the personal information processing and on services supplied to third parties.
Personal information is collected with the following goals and using the following services: Interaction with social network and external platforms. Such services allows to interact with social networks or with other external platforms. Interactions and acquired information should comply with the User privacy setting relating to any social networks. In case an interaction service is installed with the social networks, it is possible that, in case the Users are not using the service, the service collects data on the traffic relating to the pages it is installed on.
As an example:
Key +1 and Google+ (Google) social widgets
Key +1 and Google+ social widgets are interaction services with social network Google+, supplied by Google Inc.
Collected personal information: Cookies and navigation data and use. Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy
The key Like and the Facebook social widgets (Facebook)
Key Like and Facebook social widgets are interaction services with social network Facebook, supplied by Facebook Inc. Collected personal information: Cookies and navigation data and use. Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy
Key Tweet and Twitter social widgets (Twitter)
Key Tweet and Twitter social widgets are interaction services with social network Twitter, supplied by Twitter Inc.
Collected personal information: Cookies and navigation data and use. Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy
update date: June 10, 2015
The controller of the processing is: C.I.T. S.p.A., whose registered office is in Viale Fulvio Testi, 25 - Milan, by its legal pro tempore representative.
The internal personal liable for the processing is: Davide Deon, c/o C.I.T. S.p.A.
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